British universities are a 'product of colonialism', National Union of Students says


“This is reflected in the racist barriers and structures students face, with the attainment gap the most striking symptom of race inequity.”

The NUS said that universities have recognised that they have a “responsibility to dismantle these systems”. But their manifesto went on to say that institutions are still lacking in a “vision of a truly liberated education, one that can thrive free from isolated attachment to western narratives”.

The NUS said it will support activists “to understand, identify, and actively challenge the racist structures in our colleges and universities”. 

Their manifesto also examines issues for university students such as funding, accessible and affordable housing and transport, health care and fair access to education.

A spokeswoman for Universities UK, which represents vice-Chancellors, said: “Many institutions have taken on board the need to have a more inclusive curriculum.

“Our work suggests several universities are reviewing their curriculums as well as conducting liberation or decolonisation activities in co-ordination with students’ unions and individuals. Many are at the early phase and have not been rolled out across entire institutions.”


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