Brits go WILD in Ayia Napa and reveal craziest sex confessions


It’s heating up in the Greek town as Brits descend on the party location.

Revellers tend to lose their inhibitions and do crazier things when they’re on holiday, but these confessions might make you want to lock the door and stay at home.

Taking to a confession website, lads and lasses are revealing the dirty things they’re getting up to in Napa.

Ayia Napa

CRAZY: Ayia Napa is one of the most wild Brit abroad resorts (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

BOOZY: It’s heating up in the Greek town as Brits descend on the party location (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

One Scot woman, whose profile said she was from Ayrshire, got tongues wagging with her outrageous confession.

She boasted of enjoying a sneaky quickie on the dance floor, adding: “I have been f****d in the foam party.

“Just started dancing with a guy, we got kissing and he slid my pants to the side and started touching me.

“It wasn’t long before his c**k was in me… No one could see us because of the foam.”

RAUNCHY: Inhibitions get lost on holiday (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

PARTY: Ayia Napa is a popular spot for naughty Brits (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

You’d think that would be it – but it was but the start.

“I then dragged him over to the floor just in front the stage where I made him lie down and I got on top and f***** him,” she sensationally added.

“The foam was shallower there so I am sure people could see us.

“Was so hot and I didn’t confess to my friends until months later at home.”

Another naughty reveller confessed: “I had sex on a balcony at night and noticed a guy watching below and didn’t stop.

“She was leaning over the rail with me behind and I pulled her up so he could see her better.”

One Brit confessed to his shocking infidelity on his wild Ayia Napa holiday with the lads.

QUICKIE: Some confessions are truly shocking (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

He said: “I had a girlfriend back home but it didn’t stop me.

“I couldn’t see my hands off all the hot girls in the clubs when I got there.

“The first night, my mate and I took three girls back to our hotel room and had the most insane night with them.

“I sh***ed at least one different girl every night for the week we were there.”


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