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Brits miss out on £6.9bn by not trading in old phones, survey finds

Research into 2,083 adults revealed that 88 percent have not exchanged a mobile phone for cash – or money off a new one – in the last two years. The average smartphone value, of the top five handsets that are traded in, came in at £152.67. It also emerged 28 percent won’t swap in or sell a mobile phone because of privacy concerns.

Many believe it is too complicated, while 23 percent have a lack of trust in quotes previously given to them on their old tech.

The study, by Vodafone UK, also found nearly one in 15 (seven percent) have discarded a smartphone in a general waste bin.

And 30 percent have simply kept their old device as a back-up.

However, 58 percent of these respondents admitted they’ve never actually used spare smartphones, so they just end up hidden away in drawers.

In fact, nearly six in 10 (58 percent) have up to three unused devices sat at home, gathering dust.

The research was conducted to celebrate the launch of Vodafone’s new trade-in tool, and also revealed people are massively underestimating the worth of old handsets by more than £100.

Adults believe the iPhone X to be valued at less than £100 on average when, in reality, it has a market trade-in value of more than double that at £220.

And now, customers could save as much as £360 off the latest Apple smartphone release by trading in an iPhone X or above.

The study also found that a quarter (25 percent) of those who have decided to swap-in their old device, say they didn’t receive as much for their mobile as they were initially promised.

TV presenter and Vodafone’s newly appointed chief trade-in officer, Michelle Ackerley, said: “So many people have missed out on savings because the trade-in experience just hasn’t been good enough.

“It’s so frustrating to be quoted one price, and then have that reduced at the last minute.

“As the new Vodafone chief trade-in officer, I want to make sure everyone knows how much money they could be saving, and that everyone gets what they’ve been promised.

“I want to help customers upgrade to the latest tech at a much more affordable price than they might think is possible.”

To mark the launch of the new iPhone 12 Series, Vodafone’s new trade-in tool, available to anyone through the MyVodafone app, allows customers to quickly and easily trade in iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR or iPhone 8 or 8 Plus for a guaranteed monthly saving on the new handset.


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