Brits to sizzle in hottest EVER June tomorrow – ‘it will feel like nearly 40C’


Brighton beach, map of weather forecast for tomorrow

HOT, HOT, HOT! Saturday could be the hottest ever June in Britain (Pic: GETTY/WXCHARTS)

Hot air from Africa will burst across the country on Saturday as the heatwave sizzling Brits reaches a climax.

A mild night tonight will give way to soaring temperatures in the next 24 hours that will feel like nearly 40C.

Figures are predicted to reach 35C, near the 35.6C record set for a June day in 1976.

And the Met Office has pitted the chances of the UK beating that record at a 40% chance.

Brighton beach

BEACH TIME: Thousands of Brits will pack out beaches across the UK this weekend (Pic: GETTY)

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “It’s not entirely certain but there’s at least a 40% chance that we could see the hottest June day on record tomorrow.”

An area stretching from London, up through Cambridgeshire and towards the Wash in East Anglia is forecasted to see the hottest conditions.

But temperatures across the rest of the country will also be sweltering on Saturday, pushing close to 30C (86F) in most parts.

Map of weather forecast for Saturday

SCORCHER: Hot air from Africa will send temperatures soaring into the 30s (Pic: WXCHARTS)

Map of weather forecast for Saturday

WARNING: Experts are warning Brits to pack lots of sun cream for Saturday (Pic: GETTY)

Glastonbury festival-goers will also enjoy baking hot and sunny weather – a stark contrast to the previous muddy washouts.

But Partridge has warned music fans: “Make sure you seek out some shade wherever you can, make sure you’ve got plenty of water. Enjoy it but don’t overdo it.

“Make sure you don’t get burnt because UV levels are very high this time of year.”

The forecaster added that Sunday will see temperatures drop by nearly 10C as fresher conditions move in.

Map of weather forecast for Sunday

COOLING DOWN: Sunday will see temperatures drop as much as 10C as fresher air comes in (Pic: WXCHARTS)

Map of weather forecast for next weekend

WARMING UP AGAIN: Next weekend looks set to be another hot one (Pic: WXCHARTS)

It will still be warm or sunny as England and Wales see temperatures in the high teens or low 20s, but there will be a generally fresher feel to the weather.

The outlook for early next week, though, is mostly dry with slightly below average temperatures that will rise as the week goes on.

Partridge said: “Although we’re losing the heat we’re not seeing the end of the good weather.”


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