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Budget DIY: How to add thousands to your home’s value for under £100

Two in five British homeowners admit time inside during the first lockdown improved their DIY abilities, according to research from Barclays Mortgages. The same study found that nearly half intended to get their home valued post-lockdown to see if their efforts increased their property’s value. Express.co.uk spoke to the experts at Priceyourjob.co.uk to find out how to add thousands to the value of your home in just ten steps.

Small DIY jobs could increase the value of your home greatly.

With the nation bound to their homes more than ever due to the pandemic, what better time to tackle these tasks?

If you take all 10 pieces of advice below, you could add nearly £5,000 to the value of your property.

Alongside these tips, you could boost your home’s value even more by searching online for more DIY guides.

Read on to find out how to raise the value of your home, courtesy of Priceyourjob.

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Home Security

Adding home security to a property, such as locks, motion sensors, and flood lights, could add nearly £600 to its value.

It is imperative that homeowners get the basics right when it comes to security.

This means fitting sturdy locks on all main doors (front, back and shed door) and installing motion sensors in all main rooms (living room and kitchen) at the very least.

Having a flood light is also very important as it deters opportunistic criminals from targeting/entering your driveway.

Doing all of this will only cost you around £98.

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Replacing or fixing fences is crucial if you want to increase the value of your home.

Fences are very important as they establish the boundaries of your property and provide security.

If a few of your fence panels and posts are broken or rotting, then address the problem as soon as possible.

Replace the broken fence panels or posts with new ones or use concrete spurs to secure rotting fence posts back into their correct position.

It will set you back about £83 to replace or fix six fence panels and/or posts. This affordable job will add £515 to your property if done well.

Kitchen backsplash

If you want to instantly transform your kitchen space, a backsplash is a good place to start.

Not only are they affordable to buy and fit but they also serve as a focal point to upgrade your cooking area.

They are available in countless different patterns, designs and materials in order to suit the rest of your kitchen décor.

Their sole purpose is to protect the walls from spills and splashes whilst preparing and cooking food.

Installing a kitchen backsplash will cost about £96.00, and potentially add £317 to the property.

Front door

First impressions count, so why do we settle for shabby-looking front doors?

Your front door is the first part of your home that people interact with. If it is heavily dented, discoloured or old, then you should make an effort to switch it out for a new one.

Scout out a door that has curb-appeal, uses high-quality materials and offers a range of extra security options.

You will need to fork out £95 for a new door, but it will raise the value of your home by £432.

Light fixtures

When buying new light fittings, the type and design are key elements to consider.

They can help to establish the style of the room, so be sure to keep in-line with the characteristics of the property to create a stunning feature in each room.

To help you save on money, you may also want to use energy-efficient light bulbs, such as LED.

The average cost of replacing light fixtures in main rooms, including your bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom is £74.00.

It’s a small price to pay to bump up your home’s value an extra £403.

Carpet on the staircase

A staircase is a key design feature of your home interior, so make sure you highlight it with the right carpet.

With a little creative thinking, you can transform your tired staircase into a stylish focal point.

Depending on personal taste, you could opt for either a textured neutral carpet, or an eye-catching printed carpet.

Whichever carpet you choose, make sure it is durable and will stand the test of time. Stair carpets are subject to daily wear and tear, considering how often we go up and down the stairs.

You may want to invest in a good underlay too, for extra durability and comfort underfoot.

This shouldn’t be too pricey, with the average cost of adding carpet to a staircase being £93.

This could boost your property value by nearly £400.


This cheap change could boost your property by £312.

If you want to give your cupboards a facelift, replacing the handles is one subtle change that can significantly transform the look of your kitchen.

Purchase some new handles online or from a home improvement store to give your cupboards a new lease of life.

From bar to cup, stainless steel to ceramic knobs – the choices are endless.

Buy the handles in bulk if you are looking to save even more money.

If you were to replace all your door, cupboard and cabinet handles with new ones, you would only need to spend about £29.


Rusty or old-fashioned taps will set your value back a little, so it’s time to upgrade.

Taps are certainly an understated feature of the home.

Switch your taps for modern replacements. Stainless steel or chrome taps are the ideal recommendations for both kitchen and bathroom to maximise on appeal factor.

For four new bathroom and kitchen taps, you will need around £57.00. On the plus side, it could add £275 to your property.


Filthy grouting build up isn’t as difficult to remove as you think.

To successfully remove the dirt, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to apply bicarbonate of soda, water and vinegar, and scrub with an old toothbrush.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to consider re-grouting to add value to your home. However, this can be costly.

The average cost of cleaning your grouting is £34.00, and it might add £268 to your home’s value.


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