Burger King manager attacked by two women after 'being denied free chips'


A clip of the incident shows one person behind the counter allegedly demanding the manager open the cash till.

Natasha Ethel Bagley, 42, seen with blonde hair, then climbs over the counter of the restaurant in Miami, Florida, US.

She appears to unleash an attack on the manager and at one point attempts to kick the woman.

“You know what?” she screams. “F**k you and the money.”

The manager yells back: “Don’t bring your a** back here.”

The manager later told police one of the women demanded she open the till and “give up all the money”.

A police report stated one of the women threatened staff with a gun while placing her hands in her pocket.

When the manager tried to call the police, one of the women took the phone and hit her in the face.

Both suspects fled the scene in a black SUV, which was later traced back to Bagley, police said.

Despite the incident happening last month, Bagley was only arrested on Monday.

It’s not the first time a brawl has broken out at a fast food joint.

Weeks ago carnage broke out at McDonald’s.


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