CAMRA asks BBC to stop using images of real ale to illustrate stories about binge drinking 


The Campaign for Real Ale has asked the BBC to stop using images of cask ales to illustrate stories about binge drinking.

In a package on the rising costs associated with alcohol abuse broadcast on BBC East Midlands’ Today programme, a shot of Harvest Pale being poured was shown alongside unconscious people being treated by paramedics, the group say.

The programme is no longer available to view online, but Castle Rock Brewery, who make the pale ale hit out at the organisation saying it was an “ill-considered choice of library shot” and that “pubs, bars and ‘beer’ are all tarred with the same brush and demonised via association with binge drinking.”

CAMRA has backed up the Nottingham brewery, saying there “should be more focus on the more prevalent causes of binge drinking – such as the availability of cheap supermarket booze.”

The group’s national chairman, Nik Antona, said: “It is completely right for Castle Rock Brewery to call on the BBC and other media outlets to stop misrepresenting cask ale and traditional pubs by tarring them with the brush of irresponsible drinking.


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