Can you decipher the regional put-downs after Coronation Street left Southern viewers baffled by using phrase ‘mingebag’?


THE North-South divide came alive this week as Southerners were puzzled as to what a “mingebag” was, after the term was used on Coronation Street.

Tracy McDonald, played by Kate Ford, blasted screen hubby Steve (Simon Gregson) with the slur when he took her to a curry house doing discounted meals.

Paul Edwards

(L-R) Lynsey Clarke from Yorkshire and Joely Chilcott from Hertfordshire have a ‘bull and cow’ (argument) to highlight some other parochial terms[/caption]

“Mingebag” is everyday slang “oop North” for a person who is tight with their cash — but one of many regional put-downs that would force outsiders to use their loaf.

Above, Northern lass Lynsey Clarke, from Yorkshire, and Southern belle Joely Chilcott, from Hertfordshire, have a “bull and cow” (row) using some other regional favourites.

We translate below.

1.NORTH: Would you refrain from chattering into my ears, you stupid person?

SOUTH: Good friend, kindly stop nagging me.

2.NORTH: You were extremely intoxicated, young lady.

SOUTH: It was a night of debauchery and I simply wish to rest.

3.NORTH: You have been grumpy all day, like a sulky child.

SOUTH: I feel rather emotional. I am hungover and you are making me angry.

4.NORTH: I found your telephone in the alleyway between the houses, you silly fool.

SOUTH: Yes, I misplaced my phone. Everyone was drunk and the establishment was full of disagreeable people.

5.NORTH: You look tired. Get some food and sleep as soon as you possibly can.

SOUTH: I am very hungry and going to McDonald’s. Please don’t be jealous of my food.

6.NORTH: You smell foul and are causing me to retch.

SOUTH: Be quiet. I smell good. You are irritating me.


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