Car seat calculator will help keep your child safe and make sure you avoid a £500 fine


CONFUSION over car seat laws are putting thousands of young children at risk on British roads.

But an easy-to-use calculator can help to keep your kids safe and make sure you aren’t slapped with a £500 fine for breaking the rules.

The new calculator recommends the appropriate car seat depending on your child’s weight and age
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Created by, the calculator recommends the appropriate car seat for parents to use for their child, and how to correctly secure it within the car.

By simply selecting your child’s age or weight, you can find out the legal requirements for a restraint to keep your young one safe while driving.

A study by recently revealed one in four parents don’t know the correct rules for using a child seat in their motor.

Surprisingly, almost 15 per cent of parents admitted to never using a car seat for their child under the age of 12.

One in four parents are confused about the legal requirements when using a car seat
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New laws introduced in 2017 state children are required to use car seats until they are either 12 years old or 135cm tall, whichever comes first.

Kids weighing as little as 15kg could previously use backless booster seats, but experts have warned they could be dangerous.

Backless booster seats are now only approved for children weighing more than 22kg or taller than 125cm.

Only EU approved seats marked with a capital E can be used in the car.

If you’re caught using an unsuitable or incorrectly fitted car seat, or your child isn’t using one at all, you can be fined £500.

Use the calculator below to find out which car seat is best for your kid.


Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “Parents are fundamentally confused about child car seats, firstly because of the number of rules and regulations and secondly because of the amount of choice.

“As a result, it seems some mums and dads are compromising their children’s safety and giving up on using car seats altogether.

“Parents looking for a new car seat should try out our car seat calculator to clear up any confusion around which option is best for their child.”


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