Caravaggio sold to mystery buyer before auction will go on display in 'great museum'


A mystery foreign buyer has acquired a painting by Italian master Caravaggio stumbled on in a French attic and it will be displayed in a “great museum”, auctioneers have confirmed.

The painting, which had been estimated at up to €150 million (£135m), dates from 1607 and depicts biblical heroine Judith beheading the Assyrian general Holofernes.

Judith and Holofernes had been billed to be sold at an auction in the French city of Toulouse on June 27. 

But days beforehand, “We received an offer it was impossible not to transmit to the owners of the painting,” the Marc Labarbe auction house and art expert Eric Turquin said in a statement.

“The painting was sold privately to a foreign buyer,” they said. “This sale is covered by a confidentiality agreement concerning the price and identity of the buyer.”


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