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Carol Kirkwood sends support to BBC co-star after heartbreaking news 'Cried in my car'

Carol Kirkwood, 58, has sent her love to BBC TV journalist Marta Newman after she opened up about feeling emotional in a candid Twitter post. The newsreader revealed that she had planned on going home and spending time with her mum in Poland, but was unable to travel due to the country being placed on the coronavirus quarantine list.

She also faced another issue when it was announced that Manchester was moving to tier three lockdown, which involves the tightest restrictions.

Marta wrote in a heartbreaking post in view of her 2,187 followers: “Out of office on. 

“I should be going home to Poland I should be spending time with my mum 

“I won’t be doing either of those things.”

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Carol was inundated with replies when she wrote on the micro-blogging site: “Oh heck…I think I may be losing my voice!!! 

“I am sure that will be a blessed relief for some!!!”

One fan suggested: “Morning C. Hot honey and lemon for you. Soothing. And we love your voice. A friend suggested that you do talking books and we think you should!! Xxx.”

Another added: “If it wasn’t mentioned I’d never have known. You made it through that weather forecast like a true professional. Honey in hot tea and/or ice cream are my go-to home remedies for sore throat.”


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