Carrie’s ‘air of embarrassment’ as Boris is ‘basking’ in women’s admiration expert reveals


Carrie Symonds joined Boris Johnson at an event at Number 10, a move that might have surprised many as the Prime Minister is currently still married to his second wife Marina Wheeler.

However, he is living with his new girlfriend Carrie, a former political PR, currently.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the couple for

She claimed “alpha” Boris and his girlfriend fall into a dominant and more “submissive” role at the event.

“As Boris digs deep into his repertoire of alpha male man-splay poses Carrie (and the other women around the table) respond in complimentary style by appearing to lower themselves and use self-diminishing rituals to make themselves look suitably smitten by his cavalier posturing,” Judi said.

“Boris’s leg-splay and the way he places his hands on his hips, pushing his jacket to one side and posing right in the middle of the gap beside Carrie could look like a state of aggressive arousal if he were in more assertive-looking company but with all the women sitting and laughing up at him it appears he’s just basking in their admiration.”

Carrie smiles to the right hand side of her boyfriend, with one leg crossed over the other an her hands resting on her knee.

She appears to coyly look away from Boris while the other women all gaze up at him.

Judi said: “Carrie keeps her eyes down here and even leans slightly away from her partner but her rounded-cheek grin suggests she’s happy if submissive in his company here.

“There’s no touch between them as he visits the table and with him standing and her sitting she is made to look more like a guest than the host.”

Later when Boris and Carrie sit together the body language expert detects “an air of embarrassment”.

She may feel slightly uncomfortable in this new role, which sees her thrust into the limelight.

Judi said: “Carrie is still part-collapsed and giggling like a teenager, suggesting pleasure in Boris’s company tinged with an air of embarrassment in terms of how she should be looking and behaving in her new role.”

The Prime Minister on the other hand appears as though he is making an effort to avoid any PDA with his girlfriend.

Judi said: “When Carrie and Boris do sit together Boris adopts the hands-under-the-armpits self-hug pose that suggests he’s struggling to avoid touch and even eye contact with his partner and so goes into lock-down mode instead.”

Judi previously analysed the body language of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds when they were spotted together on 7 February 2018 in candid snaps.

The couple were speaking as the now-Prime Minister appeared to be leaving the Conservative Party Black and White Ball at Natural History Museum.

The then-Foreign Secretary looks towards waiting cameras smiling, with his hands in his pockets.

Meanwhile Carrie can be seen rummaging through her Chanel bag, looking down and smiling.

Judi James told “It might have seemed like a sensible idea to leave this venue separately to avoid speculation about their relationship but Boris and Carrie needn’t have bothered as the evidence of their strong feelings about one another is written all over their facial expressions here.”


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