Cast of 7 Up say latest instalment could be their last as old age takes its toll


For 56 years we have followed their lives, from bright-eyed schooldays to the joys and disappointments of middle age. 

But this instalment of the landmark 7 Up series may well be the last, as the participants admit that time has finally caught up with them.

Michael Apted’s celebrated ITV documentary, which began in 1964, returns next week as 63 Up.

Three of the cast – Sue Davis, Bruce Balden and Tony Walker – spoke to Radio Times about the series. Asked if they would appear in a 70 Up, Walker said: “Seven to 70’ has got a good ring. [But] you have to look at Michael, who’s now 77.”

He would like to do another series “providing all the same crew are still here. We’re not getting any younger though.”

Ms Davis said: “Personally, I am in a good place but things are going to get worse. You’re going to get sicker and older. Both my parents are with me so I’m thinking, ‘Another seven years, who knows? Am I going to be here, are they going to be here?’

“There’s an element that thinks this would be a good time to finish.”


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