Biden to Elevate Science Adviser to His Cabinet

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced on Friday that he will elevate the role of science in his cabinet as part of an effort to “refresh and reinvigorate our national science and technology strategy.” Mr. Biden will nominate Eric S. Lander, the

How to Reimagine Your Relationship to Alcohol

So, identify other activities you love and increase them. Whether it’s exercise or spending time with friends, “we need another outlet to fill the void that alcohol leaves,” Dr. Murphy said. Find your people. You’re more likely to successfully abstain from alcohol

Biden Picks Former F.D.A. Chief to Lead Federal Vaccine Efforts

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has chosen Dr. David Kessler to help lead Operation Warp Speed, the program to accelerate development of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, according to transition officials. Dr. Kessler, a pediatrician and lawyer who headed the Food and Drug

Need a New Knee or Hip? A Robot May Help Install It

“When I started practice 30 years ago, if someone had hip pain, we’d take an X-ray and even if they had arthritis, and were in their 40s, we’d tell them to modify their activity and wait,” said Dr. William Maloney, professor of

What Does a More Contagious Virus Mean for Schools?

“When we look at what’s happened in the U.K. and think about this new variant, and we see all the case numbers going up, we have to remember it in the context of schools being open with virtually no modification at all,”

Coronavirus Cases Surge in Arizona

new video loaded: Coronavirus Cases Surge in Arizona transcript Back transcript Coronavirus Cases Surge in Arizona Arizona has recorded the highest number of new coronavirus cases per capita in the country. A medical official said the hospital systems are under “immense pressure”

Which Americans Can Get a Covid-19 Vaccine Now? Full Guidance

The U.S. government, faced with an unrelenting surge in coronavirus cases, issued recommendations this week regarding which people in the country should be vaccinated first. Here are answers to some common questions. Who is now eligible to be vaccinated, according to federal

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