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Chai latte recipe: How to make chai latte at home

Chai lattes are the perfect warming drink, with a mixture of tea, milk and spices to create the iconic flavour. Coffee shops worldwide offer the delicious drink, but it is also easily made at home.

Chai lattes originate from India and are often referred to as masala chai.

The recipe for chai lattes is not a fixed one, with families, coffee shops and traditions stipulating varying amounts of spices, different teas or even coffee.

However, masala chai has five basic ingredients which are almost always used: water, tea leaves, milk, sugar, and ginger.

The spice mixture used is called karha and includes a base of ground ginger and green cardamom pods.

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Once lightly steaming froth the top with a milk frother or whisk to create some foam.

Strain the tea between four mugs, or heatproof glasses, then pour in the milk, keeping the froth back. Stir to combine.

Top each latte with a bit of the milk foam then dust with a pinch of cinnamon.


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