Champion sailor to be reunited with £10,000 Rolex lost overboard 20 years ago


A Champion British sailor is set to be reunited with his prized Rolex worth £10,000 that he lost 20 years ago overboard, after it emerged for sale in Switzerland.

Christie’s auction house in Geneva has finally offered to return the engraved watch to its owner Philip McColl, years after they phoned him and asked if he would “negotiate” to get his long-lost Rolex back.

The yacht engineer was given the precious engraved Rolex Submariner in 1998 by his now deceased former employer and friend, Italian businessman Raul Gardini, who had an estimated £2.2 billion fortune at the time.

But he lost his beloved watch – estimated to be worth around £10,000 – while on his passenger boat off the British coast in 1998, believing it went overboard.

But Mr McColl became suspicious the watch may have been stolen and reported it to Devon and Cornwall police. 

In 2016, the sailor said the auction house contacted him on behalf of a seller to ask if he owned the watch engraved with his name and to see if he wanted to buy it back.

Mr McColl said that the auction house would have known it was his and had been stolen, due to the Rolex being listed on an Interpol list. 


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