Cher calls ‘bull****’ on women who claim they’re happy to grow old as she turns back time in sexy bodysuit for O2 show


POP legend Cher has called “bull****” on women who claim they’re happy to grow old.

This week the age-defying singer turned back time in a very sexy bodysuit for her spectacular Here We Go Again tour at London’s O2.

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Cher went all out with her costumes for her Here We Go Again tour[/caption]

But despite looking incredible at 73 years old, Cher joked she often worries that fans applaud her, “for still being alive”.

She entertained 40,000 people across two nights at the London venue that has just launched a new Lanson Champagne Lounge.

“I tell people my age because there’s a method behind it,” Cher told crowds on Monday night.

“I think it can help people. I think there’s a message for young people and a message for old people.

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73-year-old Cher put on a spectacular show at London’s O2 Arena[/caption]

Her bodysuits perfectly showed off her stunning figure
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The 73-year-old says she hates women claiming to enjoy growing old[/caption]

“It drives me crazy when older women say ‘oh I feel so happy at this age, I feel so content. I know myself so much better and everything feels more comfortable.’ It’s bull****.

“What I say to young girls is whatever you want to do, do it.

“For the older girls – do it too. Revive yourself, because it’s great.”

Cher added: “I’ve been doing this for far too long. My sell-by date should be up by now because I’m 73.

“I don’t know if people clap because I’m still alive or that I can still get into my costumes.”

The sassy singer cheekily added: “What is your granny doing tonight?”

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Cher showed off her incredible figure[/caption]

She surrounded herself with muscular dancers
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Refusing to grow old gracefully, Cher launched into her biggest hits wearing skimpy costumes that showed off her never-ending legs.

The show included an ABBA tribute, burlesque and a life-sized elephant that Cher rode while singing Gayatri Mantra.

On Sunday night, Sir Ian McKellen was spotted enjoying time in the Lanson Champagne Lounge before seeing Cher perform.

Having just opened last month, the Lord of the Rings star is one of the first famous faces to walk through the doors and enjoy a night at the O2 in style.

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Cher owned the stage during her two-night stint at the O2[/caption]

The Lanson Champagne Lounge is now open

The lounge is located on the arena’s Level 1 concourse, and replaces the previous Lanson garden space.

It’s open to general admission customers who are looking to add some sparkle to their night out with O2 Arena’s official champagne partner.

A bespoke menu is now available in the lounge, with favourite food and champagne pairings to enjoy before the show.

It’s a short walk from the O2’s new ICON outlet, which boasts more than 60 premium
fashion and lifestyle brands.

• The Lanson Champagne Lounge opens in line with the concourse opening – usually 5.30pm and closes once the main act has started and guests have vacated. The concourse-facing bar closes at the same time as all concourse bars, 30 minutes before the end of the show.


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