Chief medical officer considers taxing all unhealthy food


But her suggested plans, which now include an added tax on sugary baby food, are yet to be finalised.

The ideas follow Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s suggestion of parenting classes to tackle Britain’s obesity epidemic.

On Wednesday, Mr Hancock told The Daily Telegraph he believed in “targeted support” for families, highlighting a scheme in Leeds which has been the first British city to see a fall in people developing weight problems.

He was speaking after new research warned that eating “ultra processed foods”, including, sausages could increase the risk of early death by 60 per cent.

Two studies, published in the BMJ this week, link ready meals and other foods containing high levels of added fat and sugar to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

The new research found that those eating four portions daily of these items had a 62 per cent increased mortality risk, compared with those consuming less than two servings daily.


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