Child killer Ian Huntley faces investigation over ‘relationship with transgender lag’


“They spend a lot of time together, including in his (Huntley’s) cell”

Jail source

Huntley, 45, is understood to have become close to fellow HMP Frankland inmate Luna, who is currently transitioning. 

Privileges were removed from the killer after he reportedly made threats to prison officers. 

Sources within the Co Durham jail said Huntley lashed out after he was questioned over his relationship with Luna. 

One revealed the pair had been spotted together several times in prison, but that they could end up being forced apart. 

He told The Sun: “Everyone in here calls Luna Huntley’s ‘girlfriend’ and they spend a lot of time together, including in his cell. 

“No one knows if anything physical has happened between them. 

“Luna wears makeup, dresses in female clothes and identifies as a woman. 

“She is likely to end up in a woman’s prison, which will upset Huntley. He does not have many friends and hardly has any visitors.” 


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