Chilling CCTV shows London Bridge terrorist in Lidl buying knives and rosé wine to make firebombs before deadly massacre


CHILLING footage shows the London Bridge terrorists shopping in Lidl for £4 knives and rosé wine to make firebombs before the atrocity.

Thirteen bottles of Lidl rosé were found in the footwell of the killers’ rental van, each filled with highly flammable fuel.

CCTV footage shown at the inquest captures Rachid Redouane buying knives and bottles from Lidl for use in the slaughter
Met Police

Chris Eades

Lidl rosé bottles with rags stuffed in them can be seen at the front of the vehicle which was used in the horrific London Bridge terror attack in June 2017[/caption]

Chris Eades

A forensic officer seen carrying the bottles, which had been fashioned into Molotov cocktails[/caption]

They also had an arsenal of weapons in the van, as well as blow torches and fake suicide vests.

Eight people were killed when Khuram Butt, 27, Rachid Redouane, 30, and Youssef Zaghba, 22, drove a van into pedestrians and stabbed others in the London Bridge area on 3 June 2017.

Redouane was filmed using the self-checkout buying the wine and £4 knives.

Texts found on one of the killer’s phones showed they originally intended to attack Oxford Street.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jolley told the Old Bailey: “In most of the bottles other than one of them, the upper layer was petrol and the lower level was ethanol.”

The other bottle had a different kind of liquid fuel found within in.

Jonathan Hough QC, for the coroner, added: “So they all had some kind of petroleum liquid inside them.”

The police officer explained that the flame grenades would have worked: “The conclusion was they were viable.

“There were two blow torches, one of which had the branding name Go System.



“The wine bottles were purchased on the 30 May at the same Lidl where the knives had been purchased by Redouane.”

Redouane had bought three pink ceramic knives two weeks earlier on 15 May at Lidl in East Ham.

Jolley said: “There were segments of clothing found during the search of his home address.

“That clothing matched the wicks that were found in the bottles.

“There was also two, five litre bottles containing a similar amount of fuel type liquid.”

The inquest was told that Butt had planned to rent a much larger truck than the actual white Hertz van that the attackers were able to hire.

Butt had requested a 7.5 tonne lorry but had been unable to collect it.

The inquest was told the trio had loaded the B&Q branded rental with 29 bags of gravel to increase the weight and make the attack more deadly.


Mr Hough explained: “That is I think a technique which has been recommended in some extremist publications for using vehicles as weapons.”

The officer told the inquest that as they drove from east London, the terrorists stopped at a petrol station and bought £57.90 of diesel and also some drinks and snack bars.

The inquest then heard about the fake suicide belts.

DCI Jolley said: “All of the belts consisted of four bottles, covered in silver duct tape attached to a brown belt.

“The bottles did not contain any liquid.”

Butt, Redouane and Zaghba were shot dead by police less than 10 minutes after their murderous attack began.

Christine Archibald, 30, Xavier Thomas, 45, Sébastien Belanger, 36, Kirsty Boden, 28, James McMullan, 32, Sara Zelenak, 21, Alexandre Pigeard, 26, and Ignacio Echeverría, 39, were all killed in the attack.

The inquest also heard the terrorists had been planning to attack Oxford Street but changed their minds at the last minute.

(From left) Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghb – the men shot dead by police following terrorist attack in London on 03 June 2017

Chris Eades

Bottles of Lidl rosé wine filled with petrol and ethanol were found in the murderers’ van[/caption]

One of the knives bought by the terrorist
Met Police

One of the knives bought by the terrorist[/caption]

Redouane was seen buying knives in the self-checkout aisle
Met Police

Redouane was seen buying knives in the self-checkout aisle[/caption]

CCTV footage of the van
CCTV footage of the van

Chris Eades

Forensic officers investigating the van used to mow down people on London Bridge[/caption]

The terrorists were planning further carnage on the streets of London with a firestorm
Chris Eades

Chris Eades

A forensic officer carrying the Molotov cocktails away[/caption]

The attackers leapt out of the van and began their bloody stabbing spree
The attackers leapt out of the van and began their bloody stabbing spree
London News Pictures

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