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China chaos: Alleged 'horrific and evil' human rights conduct threatens global trade


Asia political expert and author Gordon Chang claimed that China had shown itself to routinely commit “evil” human rights violations. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Chang argued that this would tarnish China’s international reputation which in turn will have fewer countries willing to trade with the country. Chinese officials have repeatedly denied any violations regarding human rights of its citizens, most notably against the Uighurs population in Xinjiang.

Mr Chang said: “You have got to remember that China is engaging in some very dangerous conduct, some conduct that is horrific.

“For instance, there was the Associated Press report about how China is limiting children in East Turkistan.

“In the northwestern part of the country, there are reports of forced birth control, forced sterilisation, forced abortions.

“Some of those sterilisations are accomplished by torture, according to the Associated Press report.”

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Mr Chang warned China of the economic ramifications that could follow if countries suspect China of human rights violations.

He continued: “These are the types of things that grab people.

“I think that not only do you have the troubles in India but you have a general appreciation of the evilness of the Chinese regime.

“Ultimately that is going to affect people’s willingness to buy its goods.”

China’s foreign ministry has lashed out at the claims and argued they showed ulterior motives.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan attacked the media and said they were “cooking up false information on Xinjiang related issues.

Adding at a press meeting that Xinjiang is “harmonious and stable.”


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