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China in two hour FACE-OFF with India in desperate bid to control border crisis


India’s foreign minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, met in Moscow on Thursday to discuss the recent clashes. The negotiations involved talks on the crisis, the future of bilateral border management agreements and the relationship between the two nations.

India has continued to insist that peace along the border in Ladakh is essential to any healthy bilateral ties.

The first in-person talks between the two foreign ministers began after a meeting between the Russia-India-China trilateral group.

It was hosted by Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and was intended to be an ice-breaker before the talks between India and China.

Fears of an escalated conflict have continued to rise in the last week as Indian forces have been trying to defend their new positions on the south bank of Pangong Tso.

Military sources have said India has strengthened defences and positions in areas including Gurung Hill, Magar Hill, Rezang La and Riche.

China would have to risk all out conflict if it wants to move Indian forces.

Sources have said China’s People’s Liberation Army troops have insisted on challenging Indian positions and have carried out live fire drills, according to the Times of India.

Mr Jaishankar said for any resolution to be achieved it would have to be political and gained through diplomacy.

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“The Indian side is entirely responsible. Not an inch of China’s territory shall be lost.

“The Chinese military is absolutely determined, capable and confident in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

India’s defence minister told China it will not concede any territory and wants to see restoration of a status quo on the border.

Mr Jaishankar met with the Russian foreign minister Mr Lavrov on Wednesday.

Russia have been trying to create discussions between India and China over the dispute.

A spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs said: “This was the first physical meeting after the COVID situation and there was excellent discussion on bilateral matters, regional developments and international issues of concern.”

Tensions between India and China have remained high sine the Galwan Valley attack in June.

The clash saw 20 Indian soldiers die after Chinese troops attacked the area.

The hand-to-hand battle was the most serious military confrontation between the two neighbours in more than half a century.

China and India’s dispute has been called the worst in decades between the two nuclear nations.


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