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China invasion panic: Taiwan rallies troops to 'protect and defend' island from attack


World War 3 fears have been reignited after President Tsai Ing-wen sent a chilling warning to her foe, vowing to “protect our home and defend our country” during a visit to an air defence missile base. She urged troops to be ready to defend the island’s sovereignty and democracy as tensions with China continue to skyrocket.

Taiwan, claimed by China as its own, denounced the Asian giant over claims Chinese forces carried out two-days of large-scale air and naval exercises off Taiwan’s southwest and in its air defence identification zone.

China has stepped up its military activity around Taiwan this year, prompting fears of all out war over the South China Sea.

President Tsai, who was re-elected by a landslide in January promising to stand up to China, said: “At the moment the Chinese Communist’s aircraft harassing of Taiwan and military exercises have been quite frequent.

“I believe that everyone is clear about this situation in performing their mission, and know they have a huge responsibility.

“I want to encourage everyone by saying ‘don’t give an inch of the nation’s sovereignty, and hold fast to democracy and freedom’.

“This is our conviction and resolve to protect our home and defend our country. Please all take this to heart.”

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It urged Beijing to rein in its armed forces over military exercises near the island, in what Taipei views as intimidation to force it to accept Chinese rule.

Yeh Kuo-hui, from Taiwan’s defence ministry’s operations and planning department, told a hastily-arranged news conference that China’s intentions could not be predicted.

He said: “We must make all preparations for war readiness.”

The drills took place in Taiwan’s air defence identification zone, between mainland Taiwan and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands, the ministry said.

Taiwan says China sent advanced Su-30 and J-10 fighters to participate.

Taiwan Deputy Defence Minister Chang Che-ping said the drills threatened regional stability and endangered international aviation.


He said: “We once again say, do not underestimate the military’s determination to defend our home. We are confident and capable of defending the country,” Chang said.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said the government had shared “information related to China’s threat to key friendly nations”, a likely reference to the US, the island’s main arms supplier and most important international backer.

China’s defence ministry did not respond to a request for comment.Taiwan has this week been carrying out live-fire weapons tests off its southeast and eastern coast.


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