China says Hong Kong ‘will pay’ if protests continue in rare public statement


On Monday, Mr Yang said that while it supported the continuation of “one country, two systems,” the central government’s power trumped everything at the core of the policy.

Beijing again accused Western nations for stirring unrest in Hong Kong to burden China. 

“At the end of the day, their intention is to create trouble in Hong Kong, make Hong Kong a problem for China, in order to contain China’s growth and development,” said Mr Yang.

As the unrest has escalated, worries have also grown that Beijing might consider deploying the military in a move that would be reminiscent of the bloody Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989.

Officials have continually said that it would deploy the People’s Liberation Army on request by Hong Kong, as stipulated in regulations. 

While experts still consider this option a last resort, it has not been ruled out and Beijing could defend such a decision as procedural if Hong Kong leaders continue to appear unable or unwilling to restore order.


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