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China snaps back at 'new Cold War' warning as minister makes critical visit to Europe


Wang Yi said on a visit to Italy that it was vital for China and the European Union to strengthen their own ties and work together in their fight against COVID-19. This warning comes at a time of deteriorating relations between China and the US, which some experts claim could become a war between the East and West.

Mr Yi said: “On the so-called new Cold War.

“China has no intention in launching any new Cold War.

“We are resolutely opposed to any promotion of a new Cold War.

“This is for one’s self-interest. This is to hold all countries in the world hostage.”

“COVID-19 did not damage our relationship, but it strengthened it.”

Recent tensions between China and the US have seen Washington close Chinese consulate Houston, impose sanctions against Chinese officials over Hong Kong and blame them for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr Yi said: “My visit is aimed at world peace and closer cooperation with Europe to fight unilateralism and a Cold War mindset.”

The foreign minister also warned the UK would be at risk of pursuing a “dead-end” policy if they undo the progress made in building relations with Beijing.

Speaking to Dominic Raab, he said China and the UK should “strengthen communication and coordination”.

Mr Raab said the UK has always appreciated the importance of China.


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