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China threatens Taiwan: Multiple Chinese fighter jets enter airspace to south of nation


The island’s defence ministry said Chinese Su-30 and J-10 fighters entered Taiwan’s “response zone” to its southwest on Wednesday morning. They described the move as a destabilising action, which threatens regional peace.

China is continuing in its attempts to increase its territory in the region and has stated Taiwan will eventually be reclaimed.

For decades the two countries have endured an uneasy truce, which came about after they split following the civil war in 1949.

In light of China’s aggressive stance in the region, Taiwan has warned Beijing not to underestimate its military strength.

Taiwan, claimed by China as its own territory, has repeatedly complained of Chinese military activities near the island, including regular air force patrols.

But China says such drills demonstrate its resolve to protect its national sovereignty.

China has in the last few weeks mounted numerous exercises up and down its coast and near Taiwan.

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Taiwan is currently carrying out live fire weapons tests off its southeast and eastern coast.

The island’s President Tsai Ing-wen warned last month that the risk of accidental conflict was rising because of tension in the South China Sea and around Taiwan and communication must be maintained to reduce the risk of miscalculation.

She ordered other Asian countries to be aware of their threat.

She said: “It Taiwan today, people should ask who’s next?

“Any country in the region – if it no longer wants to submit to the will of China, they would face similar military threats.

“With China becoming increasingly strong and ambitious, we are faced with growing threats.“Our challenge is whether our independent existence, security, prosperity and democracy can be maintained.”

Taiwan and China’s frosty relationship has grown colder since Ing-wen was first elected to lead the country in 2016.


Her pro-independence and progressive policies were against the values of China’s government.

Since then, Beijing has put Taiwan under increasing diplomatic and economic pressure.

China has conducted live-fire drills in nearby seas as well as flying bombers and covert aircraft over Taiwan.


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