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China vows 'severe losses' for Indian army – Tensions explode as Beijing ramps up rhetoric


Beijing has declared India violated the Line of Actual Control when Indian troops crossed to the south bank of Pangong Lake. The Global Times, China’s state-run tabloid said India had performed a “blatant provocative move that seriously infringed on China’s territorial sovereignty”. The Global Times added: “This undermined the peace and stability in the China-India border area.

“Indian troops that first took destructive actions, and the Indian troops initiated the standoff this time.”

Beijing has warned New Delhi it is “facing a powerful China”.

China said it is prepared for any circumstance.

Beijing further warned if India wants to engage in competition, “China has more tools and capability than India”.

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This has led to both sides having to agree, and disagree, over where the border actually sits on the ground.

This confusion leads to accusations that the opposing side may have crossed the line, leading to grim consequences such as the melee at the end of June that saw 20 Indian soldiers killed and an unknown amount of Chinese, since Beijing refuses to admit that any of the soldiers perished.

The Global Times editorial, which is recognised as a mouth-piece for China’s foreign policy warned that China is several times stronger than India.

The news platform added with language that should antagonise New Delhi: “India is no match for China.

“We must smash any Indian illusion that it can deal with China by colluding with other powers, such as the US.

“The history of Asia and the world has told us that any force keen on opportunism tends to bully the weak while fear the strong.

“India is a typical opportunist when it comes to the China-India border issue.”


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