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China vs India tensions rocket after Beijing 'kidnaps' five Indian men in the Himalayas


State-run Chinese tabloid the Global Times has accused the five men of being “Indian intelligence staff”, stating that they had disguised themselves as hunters. The news outlet said: “The five Indians, who were allegedly kidnapped by China’s People Liberation Army or as some called went missing in the south Tibet region, are India’s intelligence staff who had disguised themselves as hunters.” China has stated the men entered into the Shannan prefecture of Chinese controlled Tibet.

Beijing has accused India of frequently sending its agents over the border to gather intelligence on Chinese positions.

Hu Xijin the editor of the Global Times said: “Based on what I know, five Indian intelligence members disguised themselves as hunters and crossed the LAC into the Shannan prefecture of China’s Tibet to pry intelligence.

“They were detained by the Chinese side and received warning and education.

“They will soon be released.”

The men are still detained by Chinese security forces.

However, one Twitter follower responded to the Global Times editor saying, “A few days back 3-4 Chinese nationals crossed the LAC and entered the Indian side, we did not call them intelligence members, we helped them gave food water and they freely crossed.

“This is the difference between India and China.”

This week, in order to ease tensions, the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers held discussions in order to seek a resolution to the stand-off at the Himalayan border.

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But, India voiced concern at the massing of Chinese troops and equipment at the border.

On Friday Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar voiced India’s “strong concern at the massing of Chinese troops, with equipment, along the line of actual control.”

China said they were ready for dialogue to resolve the issues and help de-escalate the military build-up at the border.

Tensions continue on the ground at the line of actual control in the Himalayas, with both sides maintaining their defensive positions.

The latest capture of Indian citizens by the Chinese has shaken the fragile talks between the two sides.

Indian General Rawat has said that the countries “armed forces are ready for anything”.


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