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China's secret weapon' to spy on West exposed 'Isolate the main enemy the US!'


Former China diplomat, Charles Parton explained China has been securing its secret weapon to use on the world. While speaking on Sky News, Mr Parton said China values three areas of its system that it uses as weapons. One of these areas being, the United Front Work Department which is used to identify friend and foe across the world to aid in major international decisions.

Mr Parton said: “In the Chinese system the United Front Work Department, Chairman Mao said that was one of the three magic weapons.

“This was alongside the Chinese Communist Party and The People’s Liberation Army.

“Xi Jinping has reinforced the importance of the United Front Work Department a few years ago.

“It is an extremely important department both internally within China, for reconciling elements like religion, private business, Hong Kong and Taiwan to the Party’s rule.

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“But this is also very important abroad.”

Mr Parton claimed the Chinese government would be using this department to identify enemies and allies across the globe.

He said: “What it seeks to do abroad is identify three camps, the enemy, neutral and the friendly.

“It then attempts to move people from their position towards the friendly end to isolate the main enemy, which in this case is the United States.

Mr Parton admitted the Chinese government use a variety of different tactics.

He said, some people are unaware of their help towards the communist party, some individuals or companies self-censor and those who ignore China’s plan because interference would see their own interests affected.

Some experts have argued China is behaving particularly offensively in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

China has already faced accusations from India and Australia of cyber-attacks and hacking as the communist country continues to lash out at nations during the coronavirus global crisis.


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