Chris Benoit should go in WWE Hall of Fame despite double murder, says Vickie Guerrero


WWE star Vickie Guerrero – widow of Benoit’s close friend Eddie Guerrero – made the comment during an interview with TV personality Chris Van Vilet.

She was asked about whether he would ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Guerrero said she doubted the induction would ever happen, but said she would like to see Benoit given the honour by WWE.

Benoit killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel during a three day period in 2007 at his home in Fayetteville, Georgia.

The double-murder suicide has been linked to steroid abuse, brain damage, alcohol and a collapsing marriage.

“I would like to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame”

Vickie Guerrero

Vickie, 51, described it as a “sad situation” and despite what happened she still “loved” the Rabid Wolverine.

Her husband Eddie and Benoit were known to be the closest of friends backstage.

Latino Heat’s sudden death in 2005 of heart failure is known to have a major impact on Benoit. 

Benoit, a former World Heavyweight Champion, has since been scrubbed from WWE’s archives, with mentions of him avoided at all cost. 

Eddie’s wife went on to have a career with WWE, being a longterm character on Raw and SmackDown known for her catchphrase “excuse me”. 

Chris Benoit

BLACKLISTED: Chris Benoit’s name is never mentioned by WWE after the double murder (Pic: GETTY)

In the clip viewed 40,000 times on YouTube, Vickie said: “I don’t think [he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame]. 

“He is not even existing with WWE as far documentaries or his story. 

“It’s a sad situation. I loved Chris Benoit. His family was our family. 

“His wife Nancy, we were close friends and their son Daniel and we were all really close.”

Chris Benoit

MAIN EVENT: Chris Benoit headlined WrestleMania XX against Triple H and Shawn Michaels (Pic: GETTY)

Chris Benoit

CRIPPLER: Chris Benoit was a fan favourite until his death and crimes in 2007 (Pic: GETTY)

She went on: “I wasn’t there when it happened and I don’t understand why it happened but I still love him. Aside from all that, he loved us and he respected us.”

Van Vilet then presses the question and suggests time may “heal the wounds” with WWE.

Vickie replied: “Aside from everything, Chris Benoit was a talented wrestler and he had his own legacy.

“I think that it shouldn’t be ignored and it’s sad how things turned out, but I would like to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

Vickie Guerrero

FRIEND: Vickie Guerrero was a close pal of the Benoit family (Pic: WWE)

Benoit was found dead alongside his wife and son on June 25, 2007, after he failed to attend on Vengeance: Night of Champions the evening before – where he was due to wrestle CM Punk. 

His wife Nancy died of asphyxiation on June 22, while their son Daniel also died from asphyxia on June 23.

The 40-year-old then killed himself on the night on June 24 after placing copies of the Bible alongside the bodies. 

No one has ever established the motive for the killings – but numerous theories have been probed, in particular relating to Benoit’s health.

Julian Bailes, a neurosurgeon from West Virginia University, described Benoit’s brain as so badly damaged it resembled an “85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient”. 

Benoit's house

HORROR: Tributes are laid to the Benoit family at their home in Fayetteville, Georgia (Pic: GETTY)

WWE initially issued a tribute edition of Raw dedicated to Benoit – featuring interviews with wrestlers and highlights of some of his best matches. 

Details about the murder-suicide emerged as the show was on air, and WWE the next night retracted the entire episode.

Appearing on air, Vince McMahon said: “The facts of this horrific tragedy are now apparent. 

“Therefore, other than my comments, there will be no mention of Mr. Benoit’s name tonight.”

And from then on Benoit’s name has been blacklisted from WWE, with McMahon saying in 2009 that the company will never “promote” him.


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