Chris Packham reveals he has received death threats in wake of Natural England shooting row


Chris Packham has received severe death threats including multiple suspicious packages in the wake of the Natural England shooting row, he has revealed.

The BBC Springwatch presenter was part of a group, Wild Justice, which launched a legal challenge against the general licences to shoot certain species of ‘pest’ bird.

This caused the government adviser to abruptly rescind the licences, leaving farmers no way to protect their crops and livestock from crows and pigeons.

While countryside bodies have blamed Natural England for the fiasco, arguing that they should have given more notice before revoking the licences so they would have time to prepare, Chris Packham has been at the receiving end of abuse.

Mr Packham told Good Morning Britain that he had received “death threats of a very serious nature.”

He added: “The police have spent quite a considerable amount of time at my house over the last few days, we’ve had packages sent containing human excrement.”

Another package he received was a wooden block with male genitalia drawn on it. Last week, it was revealed protesters had tied multiple dead crows to his front gate.

A spokesman for Hampshire police said: “We received a report of malicious communications being sent.”


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