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Christianity news: Trump sees BOOST over Biden from christians in US election 2020


In 2016, Trump claimed victory over Hillary Clinton in large part due to the support of the White evangelical and catholic communities in the US. According to PRRI, more than eight in ten, equal to 81 percent of white evangelicals, supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

White evangelical christians comprise a large portion of the US voter share, with 26 percent of all voters falling into the demographic.

A new Data for Progress tracking poll has found that Trump enjoys 50 percent support from white catholics.

In comparison to Joe Biden, who holds 38 percent support, Trump is seeing a 12 point advantage in this demographic.

The news comes as Biden has led in national polls in recent weeks, and is a boost to Trump’s re-election bid.

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As the George Floyd protests began to rage across the US and the coronavirus pandemic continued to devastate the economy, surveys of voters showed Trump’s hold on the white christian demographic slipping.

White evangelic support for Trump dropped by about 10 points due to the crises in the country.

But pollsters and analysts say that an overwhelming majority of the group will still support the Republican in his re-election bid on November 3.

Dr. Ryan Burge, Eastern Illinois University associate professor and pastor, told Newsweek Tuesday he believes the double-digit decline in white evangelical support for Trump between May and June was a “blip,” and that Trump will still win at least 75 percent of their vote this year. 

In contrast to evangelicals, white catholic support has not wavered amid the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd protests.

In April, 52 percent of white Catholics surveyed by Burge said they support Trump, compared to 36 percent for Biden and 7 percent saying they are unsure.

About 50 percent of white Catholics surveyed in June said they still support Trump.

However, both numbers are down from the 59.7 percent of white Catholics who backed Trump in a November 2018 poll conducted by Burge.

Burge also told Newsweek that white evangelicals are unimportant compared to white Catholics, who may support Biden just enough to put him over the top in states like Pennsylvania.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted earlier this year found that only 35 percent of Americans think Trump is even “somewhat religious,” compared to 46 percent who said the same of Biden.

Trump has previously self-identified as a “Presbyterian Protestant,” while Biden is a practicing Catholic.


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