Climber reveals 'carnage' at Everest summit as people step over dead body to reach top


Roughly three hours into the climb, his group was forced to walk over another dead mountaineer. 

“It was incredibly bizarre… every single climber making their way to the summit had to step over this person – absolutely devastating.”

With temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees his group was then forced to wait in the ‘death zone’ to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain while ’50 or 60′ others at the top paused to take selfies.

Many were traumatised after passing another dead body near to the summit.

“You are climbing this very famous iconic obstacle and just beneath you is a climbers body, lifeless and lying there and you don’t know what to do or feel but you know you have to move or else you could be the next victim, ” Mr Saikaly said.

“This is your dream… and we all reached the summit and most of us didn’t want to touch the highest point on earth because there were so many people up there.” 


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