Close family of Khuram Butt insisted they had no idea he was capable of murder


“There was a lot of things he didn’t tell me,” she said.

In early 2015, she became aware that Butt was planning to take them to Turkey for a holiday, but believed this to be a “cover story” to sneak across the border to Syria.

She alerted her father, who confiscated their passports and tore up the plane tickets.

Another flash point of tension came when Butt appeared in a Channel 4 documentary called The Jihadis Next Door in January 2016, to the surprise of his family. 

However, the inquests heard that Ms Rehman had only walked out on her husband once – when he suggested he would like to have a second wife. 

Jonathan Hough QC, counsel to the inquests, asked her: “It might be suggested that you should have been provoked to that reaction, leaving , by what he had been doing in the previous year – his expressions of extremist views, associating with extremist figures. What would you say to that?”

She replied that Butt was “still being a good husband and a good father and living a normal day-to-day life”.

Similarly, when he hosted extremists including Anjem Choudary, the radical preacher, for dinner, she claimed she was segregated to a different part of their east London flat and excluded from conversation.


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