Clubbers say it’s ‘worse than Notre Dame’ as popular nightspot Flares burns


GEORDIE clubbers are comparing the blaze at Flares nightclub to the destruction of Notre Dame cathedral.

No-one was hurt in the disco inferno which broke out in the early hours of this morning after what is believed to be a malfunction in an air-conditioning unit.

Revellers were evacuated from the building and fire crews arrived on the scene at about a quarter past midnight.

As the entrance was being cordoned off club regulars were already tweeting their disappointment that the popular nightspot was ablaze. 

Emma Collier said “am crying over flares being on fire,” while Amelia mournfully chipped in “first Ember closes down and now Flares is on fire ? What did we all do wrong in our past lives to deserve this?”

ROUGH:Flares was recently described by student mag the Tab as ‘the worst night out in Newcastle (Pic: Flares)

Emmie Hanson opined: “Flares catching on fire is the Newcastle equivalent of what happened to Notre-Dam” and Ashley Millar agreed, saying “I honestly care more about flares being on fire than when notre dam was.”

This pattern was more interested in the joke potential: “Flares in Newcastle is on fire. Please i f*****g hope someone used a flare to set it alight.”

The club is unlikely to remain closed for long – the main damage seems to be from smoke.

The cause of the fire is believed to have been accidental and there are not expected to be any follow-up investigations.

A Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service spokesman told Chronicle Live: “Three fire crews from Newcastle Central and Gateshead Community Fire Stations arrived at Flares at 12.14 this morning.

“The fire was on the ground floor of the public house, where an air conditioning unit was 50 percent damaged by fire and 50 percent severely damaged by heat.

“The ground floor sustained five per cent light smoke damage and the basement also sustained some very light smoke damage.


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