CNN: Trump Said Nuke Football Was Answer to NKorea in '17


A new report claims President Donald Trump referred to the nuclear football while saying how he would deal with North Korea in the fall of 2017.

CNN cited three people who said they were present when Trump made the remark during a trip to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico in October 2017.

“This is what I have for Kim,” Trump allegedly said, pointing to the nuclear football — a large briefcase that is always close to the president and has the ability to authorize a nuclear strike.

The alleged comment came as Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were having a war of words regarding North Korea’s threats to use nuclear weapons on the United States or one of its allies. Tensions have softened since last summer when Trump and Kim met, and threats of destroying each other no longer emerge from Washington, D.C. and Pyongyang.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló told CNN he was with Trump during his 2017 trip to the island and would not confirm to CNN that Trump made the aforementioned remark.

“There were other topics that were being discussed and my view is that the sole focus of that trip should have been on Puerto Rico,” he said.

“He was talking about a whole host of other issues, but I would rather leave those conversations internal.”

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