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Columbia University bars 70 MBA students from classes after trip to Turks and Caicos

Columbia University has temporarily banned 70 students who traveled to Turks and Caicos in violation of the school’s travel policy, according to a report.

“The Turks & Caicos trip was a group event that violated this policy and thus was met with disciplinary action,” university spokesman Christopher Cashman told CNN.

Cashman didn’t say when the trip took place.

“All academic- or work-related travel, domestic or international, is suspended” for the fall semester, according to an online description of the school’s COVID-19 travel policy.

Cashman said the banned MBA students aren’t allowed on campus until Dec. 1, and that they must attend classes remotely.

“All of this is being done to protect the broader health of our community,” he told CNN. “Thankfully, to date, our positive case rate remains low.”

The US has seen more than 12,000,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 255,000 deaths as of Saturday, according to John Hopkins University.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that Americans should not travel during the holiday season.

But those who choose to do so should continue to follow safety protocols such as wearing masks, handwashing and meeting only in small gatherings, the CDC says.


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