Complaints over ticket allocation as England face torrid reception from India's travelling army


England’s cricket fans have complained they have suffered from a poor allocation of tickets for the cricket world cup, leaving Sunday’s crunch match against India dominated by visiting supporters.

Nearly 55 per cent of tickets for England clash with India at Edgbaston have been snapped up by supporters identifying as India fans, compared to just 42 per cent by England supporters,  that means around 13,500 of those at the 24,500-capacity ground will be backing the visitors, compared to about 10,300 rooting for England. 

And the official figures do not take into account those bought on resale sites. There is a huge demand for resale tickets, with some going for upwards of £560, leaving many England fans empty handed.

England fans say they have had to compete for tickets with the huge following of teams like India, as well as finding they have lost out to companies offering travel and ticket packages to visiting supporters.

Chris Millard, managing director of England cricket’s Barmy Army supporters group, said: “The way the tickets have been dealt with has not been the most efficient way of getting real cricket fans into the grounds. There has been a massive application and regular cricket fans have suffered from that. It’s been like trying to get tickets for Glastonbury.

“This match could be like an away game for England because the Indian fans are very vocal and are going to be there in such numbers. But we’ll be doing our best to make our support for England heard.”


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