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Contact tracing DISASTER: Matt Hancock hits out at Apple systems for blocking NHS app


The Health Secretary stated that iPhones were being blocked from using the NHS app properly. Mr Hancock was speaking at today’s daily briefing when he said: “Our app works well on Android phones but Apple’s software prevents iPhones being used effectively for contact tracing unless you are using Apple’s own technology.

“After we started work on our app Google and Apple started working on their own product. As soon as they did this we started work on both.

“I feel in this fight we must leave no stone unturned so I asked we work on both projects.

“Of course we’ve been testing Google and Apple’s product and as we did this we found they don’t estimate distance well enough, which is mission critical.

“Our app won’t work because Apple won’t change their system but it can measure distance.

“Their app can’t measure distance well enough to a standard we’re satisfied in.”

Mr Hancock added he was now working with Google and Apple to reach a solution through a third app.

He said: “I will work with anyone to gain any inch of ground against this disease.

“So we will join forces with Google and Apple to bring the best bits of both systems together. We will share our distance algorithm and combine with their work to build a solution.”

More to follow…


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