Home News Contractor misspells ‘Librarey’ in Indiana library’s parking lot

Contractor misspells ‘Librarey’ in Indiana library’s parking lot

Someone get this guy a dictionary!

An Indiana contractor probably should have spent more time in the library — instead of outside … or at the very least, spell-checked his work with the many public signs surrounding the building.

The Indianapolis Library Services Center on North Meridian Street was left red-faced after a contractor marking off spots for the building’s vehicles painted “LIBRAREY VEHICLES ONLY” — misspelling the word library … despite the word “library” being visible on the building itself.

Joe Backe, director of communications for The Indianapolis Public Library, told WISHTV the markings will be corrected.

At least the library has a sense of humor about the situation, tweeting a link of the story and musing: “We don’t see what is so funney? (laugh emoji) 2020. What can we say?”


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