CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga on how she’s grateful for everything her oncologist does


I’VE been giving lots of talks to many different audiences recently. It’s one of the best parts of my job, educating people about boobs and breast cancer.

Last week I was given the opportunity to be the speaker for an awards night hosted for the research department from my hospital.

The Coppafeel! founder is being treated by oncologist Duncan Wheatley

Lots of clever people who all play a role in researching all sorts of illnesses, and administering new drugs to patients, were recognised for their hard work and some were given special acknowledgements.

I am obviously hugely grateful for everything these people do ­­– it is without doubt that I am still here because of research into new cancer drugs.

When I moved to Cornwall I had no idea research would be carried out all the way down in the South West. So when I found myself being treated by the head honcho of clinical research I’ll admit I was surprised.

I was totally wrong to assume that all that progressive stuff happened in London.

Kris has had the opportunity to travel the world in order to share her cancer story
Stewart Williams – The Sun

Right now my oncologist, Duncan Wheatley, is at a conference learning about new treatments, which I am glad about, and my hope is that he comes back with a brain full of useful stuff and a plan

A, B and, maybe C, of treatments when cancer decides to be sneaky again. When you have cancer you need to feel like you are being treated by someone with their finger on the pulse.

I think I have one who knows what I need him to know while also being very down to earth and willing to work in partnership with me. I don’t expect miracles or infallibility, but I do need honesty and openness.

Last week was an opportunity to declare my utmost respect to him because I am not really sure he, or in fact any of the clever cancer staff, get the recognition they deserve.

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I’m currently waiting for scan results, to find out what the cancer in my body is up to.

It’s these people who I spoke to last week that I am relying on no matter what the results might say. I want to be around to give more talks, for as long as I possibly can.

Speaking of which, I have a flight to Norway to catch, to give a talk at a university. Cancer, I’m too busy for you.



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