Cops ‘rush to Ryanair flight in Gran Canaria to deal with rowdy passenger’


COPS allegedly descended on a Ryanair flight from Manchester after it landed in Gran Canaria to apprehend a nuisance passenger.

The pilot reportedly called for assistance while flight FR3803 was en route. 

Civil Guard officers boarded the aircraft when it landed just before 11pm last night, it is claimed. 

Spanish air traffic controllers said: “Flight arriving from Manchester to Gran Canaria has requested police presence when it touches down because of a disruptive passenger on board.” 

Daily Star Online has approached Ryanair for comment. 

Ryanair flight FR3803

BREACHED: Civil Guard officers reportedly boarded the aircraft at 11pm last night (Pic: GETTY)

Figures released by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency in June showed there are more incidents involving Brits hit with fines for bad behaviour on board planes than any other nationality.

Unruly passengers typically are hauled off planes when it lands and identified so a report can be sent to the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency. 

Behaviour deemed “inappropriate” can result in fines of up to €5000 euros. 

Last month, Civil Guard officers were called to an easyJet flight from London Stansted when it touched down in Ibiza because of rowdy holidaymakers. 

Gran Canaria Airport

BUZZED: The pilot allegedly requested police assistance at Gran Canaria Airport (file photo) (Pic: GETTY)

“Flight arriving from Manchester to Gran Canaria has requested police presence”

Spanish air traffic controllers

One man was hauled off after shouting “p***y” at a woman who was complaining about him. 

In May, another group of Brits heading to Benidorm were filmed guzzling beer from a funnel on a Ryanair plane. 

They took turns recording themselves on the beer bong, with one lad filmed flat on his back in the aisle. 

Cops were again called to the flight when it touched down in Alicante Airport. 


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