Coronation Street confirms Kevin Webster’s dramatic fall WASN’T scripted but bosses kept actor Micheal LeVell’s nasty accident in final cut


CORONATION Street bosses have confirmed Kevin Webster’s dramatic fall wasn’t scripted – but bosses kept actor Micheal LeVell’s nasty accident in the final cut.

Producers have spoken out after viewers were left convinced the painful stumble was a real-life gaffe during actor Michael Le Vell’s high-speed sprint that was left in the show for dramatic effect.

Kevin Webster tripped on the cobbles in last night’s show

Kevin slammed into the cobbles and remained on the floor for a couple of seconds before getting up to rescue son Jack from a burglar.

Unable to find his keys, flustered Kevin banged on the door.

A spokesman told Digital Spy of the fall: “The fall was not meant to happen. On the first take Mike fell, but like a trooper carried on acting and completed the scene.

“Despite Mike doing the same running scene more times, minus the fall, everyone including Mike felt that the best take was the first one with the fall and Mike was happy for them to use it.”

The stumble looked painfully real
He stayed on the floor for several seconds after the trip
Fans of the show are convinced the fall was real

Fans of the show said they “felt” the fall and questioned if actor Michael fell during filming.

“There’s no way Kevin’s fall was planned,” one fan tweeted.

“#Corrie definitely a genuine fall from Kevin!!!” another wrote.

“I wonder if Kevin does his own stunts? That was some fall,” a third viewer tweeted.

“Rewound Kevin falling over, can’t see that it was stunt person or trick of camera angle, looks quite realistic fall!” another added.

Abi Franklin takes down the unsuspecting intruder
Abi Franklin takes down the unsuspecting intruder

Later in the episode, Jack, who had a foot amputated last year after contracting sepsis, takes refuge under his bed, knowing that his disability has left him vulnerable.

Kevin arrives home quickly and bashes the door down while the intruder tries to escape through the back.

Unfortunately for the intruder, he runs straight into Abi Franklin who takes him down.

The police arrive soon after and arrest the stranger, but Kev is left confused when he realises that nothing is missing from the house.

Corrie's Kevin Webster is shocked when a thug breaks into his house
Corrie’s Kevin Webster is shocked when a thug breaks into his house

Things become clear later when Paula Harris – Kevin’s daughter Sophie’s girlfriend – arrives and tells him that she knows who the man is and why he targeted the Websters’ house.

Paula reveals that he’s a criminal – who she’s acting against – and that he has been targeting her for a while.

Lawyer Paula is currently staying at No.13 following two burglaries at her own home.


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