Coronation Street fans spot huge blunder as ITV announces Sinead won’t be attending her OWN funeral


CORRIE fans spotted a massive howler when the show embarrassingly announced that Sinead Tinker wouldn’t be attending her own funeral.

The blunder happened when the soap’s official YouTube uploaded a video with a mistake in the title, leaving fans laughing about how the show was stating the obvious.

Daniel at Sinead’s funeral in next week’s scenes
The error that left fans in stitches

The video was captioned: “Ken breaks the news that Sinead won’t be attending Sinead’s funeral.”

Of course, the clip was meant to say Daniel instead of Sinead and the error was quickly rectified but those who spotted it were tickled by the gaffe.

One reddit user devoted an entire thread to the mistake and called it: “They’re taking the mikey now.”

And other users joined in laughing at the show’s unfortunate flub.

Sinead passed away last month

“Imagine not attending your own funeral! Talk about ungrateful,” one joked.

Commented a second: “At least they’ve fixed this one, usually they just leave them wrong forever.”

A third pointed out that this isn’t the first time the show’s official social channels have made such a slip.

“It happened a few weeks ago when they had another major typo,” they pointed out, with a series of laughing emojis.

Daniel eventually turns up to pay his respects next Monday
He kissed Bethany as his wife was dying
PA:Press Association
Beth can’t forgive Daniel for his betrayal

The mistake was publicising a recent episode where Sinead’s husband Daniel decided he wouldn’t be going to his wife’s funeral and decided to flee Weatherfield.

However, viewers will see Daniel (Rob Mallard) return just in time to pay his respects to his wife next week.

There are emotional scenes on Monday as the grieving hubby turns up at the church to pay tribute to his late wife, who tragically passed away from cervical cancer last month.

Daniel reads a eulogy for Sinead (Katie McGlynn) in front of choked family and friends.

Sinead’s demise had viewers in tears
Actor Rob Mallard films the funeral scenes

The mourners all look sad, except Beth, who appears to be glaring at him as he speaks.

The character was originally going to skip the funeral with his son Bertie after a confrontation with aunt Beth Tinker over his developing feelings for Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon).

Daniel believed it was best for him and Bertie to leave Weatherfield for Scotland, before revealing he wouldn’t be attending the funeral.

Dad Ken Barlow (William Roache) and Carla (Alison King) travelled up to Scotland to convince him otherwise, but couldn’t find him anywhere.

However, after Peter Barlow discovers him hiding out in Cheshire, he decides to come – and arrives just in time.

While Sinead was dying, a devastated Daniel ended up kissing his friend Bethany as she comforted him.

Sinead managed to forgive her husband for the final heartbreak before she died, but Beth has held it against him since.


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