Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw’s life in danger as she’s held hostage by sex trafficking gang


UNLUCKY-in-love Eileen Grimshaw will be left fearing for her life in Coronation Street next week when she confronts her sex trafficker boyfriend Jan Lozinski after Seb Franklin is brutally beaten.

After visiting Seb in hospital Eileen – who’s played by Sue Cleaver in the ITV soap – heads to the nail bar where the illegal immigrants are working from.

Eileen finally confronts her sex trafficker boyfriend – and ends up fearing for her life
Andrew Boyce

When she gets there, she’s stunned to find Jan – along with his people trafficking accomplices, Rachel and Nikolai – packing the fixtures and fittings of the shop into the back of a van.

As she confronts Jan, she’s heart-broken when he tells her that he’s a liar and a cheat and that he never really cared for her.

A fight then breaks out between Jan and Nikolai and Eileen’s phone ends up getting smashed so she can’t call the police.

A terrified Eileen starts to fear for her life when the police smash their way into the salon and arrest them all – including Eileen!

… and a fight breaks out with Eileen ending up also being arrested
Andrew Boyce
…which is then broken up when the police storm in
Andrew Boyce

After being carted off by the police, Eileen is eventually released without charge.

Abi Franklin – Sally Carmen – explains to her how Seb called the police which led to the raid on the nailbar.

Eileen is devastated as she tells Abi how Jan was part of the trafficking ring and had been using her all along.

When Seb – who was brutally attacked by Nikolai – is released from hospital, he returns to No.11 where he and Eileen comfort each other over the harrowing events at the nail bar. 


Eileen is devastated to learn the truth about Jan

Alina arrives with a support worker and explains how the police raided the house where she and the other girls were staying.

She tells him that she’s being taken to a safe house but refuses to make any promises when Seb asks her to stay in touch.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed how Eileen would be put in serious danger by boyfriend Jan earlier this month.

A soap source revealed: ““After everything she went through with Phelan, Eileen thought she had found happiness with Jan but she will have a few niggling doubts about him.

“Learning from her past mistakes, Eileen will start digging into Jan’s life but the truth is more horrifying than she could have ever imagined.

“She goes blundering into one of the nail bars convinced it’s a front for drugs but when the gang realise she could blow their entire operation they decide to take drastic action to keep their sex trafficking ring secret.

“Eileen screams for her left – but will anyone hear her and rescue her from certain death?”

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