Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald hatches a new business plan after Tracey surprises him with a special birthday tea


INSPIRATION will strike Steve McDonald in Coronation Street tonight when he gets a brainwave for a new business idea on his birthday.

Poor Steve isn’t having the best of birthdays after all he gets from his mum and daughter Amy is a male grooming kit.

Steve McDonald Coronation Street
Steve isn’t having the best of birthdays after he gets is a male grooming kit from his mum and daughter Amy

And his wife Tracy doesn’t even bother getting him a card. But Steve thinks that Tracy is secretly planning him a surprise after his mate Tim Metcalfe isn’t free to go for a drink.

Later Steve will complain about his morose life to Tim, while Michael Bailey points out he’s missing out on a great business opportunity.

He tells them that if they buy a carriage, they’ll be able to hook it up to Tiny and charge for rides. He reckons they could make a fortune doing tours.

When Steve gets home, he’s delighted to see that Tracy has arranged a birthday tea for him.

Steve McDonald Coronation Street
Inspiration strikes Michael and Steve at the pub

And when he opens his, ahem, unicorn birthday card he has a stroke of genius.

During Friday’s episode Steve heads off to the Kabin to buy cardboard, glue and glitter. He then sets about making a prototype unicorn horn.

Steve has been at a loose end since having his cabbie licence revoked earlier this year. And he’s going to be in for a shock later when his ex, Fiona Middleton, makes a return to the cobbles after 20 years away.

Actress Angela Griffin, 42, is back as hairdresser Fiona — and thrown straight into a lovechild riddle.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Angela is beautician Emma’s mum and she returns saying Emma is Steve’s daughter.

Steve McDonald Coronation Street
Could the guys be on to something lucrative?

Fans will remember that Fiona dated Steve but also had an affair with his dad, Jim.

Angela was Coronation Street’s first major black character, appearing for more than 250 episodes as Fiona before she left Weatherfield for good in autumn 1998.

Steve and Fiona reconciled but she threw him out and ended their relationship after he cheated with her best mate Maxine Peacock.

A TV source said: “Angela’s return is short and sweet but it has huge implications for Steve.
“She’s back on screens and will find out that the dates that he was with Fiona tally up to when Emma was born.”

In scenes to be shot soon, Steve is told by mum Liz (Beverley Callard) that Emma would have been conceived in 1998 when he and Fiona were dating.

Liz tells Steve: “No wonder you failed maths. Count back nine months.”

Steve then says: “How do you remember that? I can’t remember who I was seeing last month let alone in 1998? Emma can’t be my daughter. I don’t want another daughter.”


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