Coronation Street viewers stunned as Peter Barlow is told rehab could cost £15,000 a WEEK


CORONATION Street viewers were left stunned tonight as Peter Barlow was told a stint in rehab could cost him £15,000 a WEEK.

The alcoholic relapsed after almost five years sober as he struggled to deal with Carla Connor’s disappearance.


Peter Barlow and dad Ken were left outraged by the cost of going to rehab[/caption]

Desperate to seek help, Peter and his dad Ken went to an AA meeting.

They then met with his GP to have his liver tested and find out if he could be referred to rehab.

The doctor said: “I am very aware of the seriousness of Peter’s condition but I’m afraid it’s not that simple.
“I could get in touch with the local alcohol and drug service but it could be weeks until a place becomes available.


Peter relapsed after being sober for five years[/caption]


The GP explained that Peter’s best chance of getting help was going private[/caption]

“You could go private. That way you would be guaranteed a place immediately, but you’d have to pay.
“It varies, but you’re probably looking at between £5,000 and £15,000 a week.”

Viewers couldn’t believe their ears.

One said: “Did she just say 5-15K A WEEK? Is that an accurate real-world figure?”

Another said: “#Corrie between 5 & 15.000 a week? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Someone else said: “Christ no wonder people stay drunk #Corrie.”

Another claimed: “Im shook. Never would have guessed it cost that much.”


The alcoholic is desperate for help after falling off the wagon[/caption]

Peter and Ken looked beaten as they realised the enormity of cost sending him to rehab would be.

When asked if he was likely to relapse, Peer said: “I used to be a bookie and I’d say the chances are a dead cert.”

Later, Claudia generously offered to pay for Peter’s rehab.

Viewers found the moment unbelievable that he would taken into rehab after just one relapse.

One said: “After 4 years clean and into rehab – what a load of s**t ! #Corrie.”

Another added: “Peter Barlow story a perfect example of the problem with #Corrie these days: recovering alcoholic falls off the wagon and it’s all done and dusted in 3 eps, money easy found for rehab.

“It’s just paying lip service to the problems real people face, all too quick and easy.”

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