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Coronavirus horror: Shock news figures reveal how many people have died in Latin America


In recent weeks Latin America has seen a spike in cases and deaths whilst infection rates fall elsewhere on the planet.

Mexico recorded 6,288 new infections and a further 793 deaths from the coronavirus.

The health ministry revealed that the total for the country now stands at 191,410 cases and 23, 377 deaths.

Experts estimate the numbers could be higher because of insufficient testing.

Despite the increasing death toll, Mexico started removing some restrictions last week.

Factories reopened on Tuesday in Mexico City under strict sanitary conditions.

In the state of Baja California Sur, hotels and restaurants have also returned to service.

Currently, Brazil has Latin America’s highest death toll and only Brazil has recorded more deaths globally than Brazil.

Three days ago, Brazil also surpassed 1 million coronavirus cases, the country’s health ministry confirmed on Friday.

The ministry revealed that the total number of cases in Brazil stood at 1,032,913.

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Miguel Lago, executive director of Brazil’s Institute for Health Policy Studies, revealed to Associated Press that poorer healthcare in tiny cities is provoking the outbreak of coronavirus.

“There is a lot of regional inequality in our public health system and a shortage of professionals in the interior.

“That creates many healthcare deserts, with people going long distances to get attention.

“When they leave the hospital, the virus can go with them.

The World Health Organisation’s executive director, Dr Mike Ryan, said in a news conference that Brazil must do more to help health workers control the virus.

He said: “The epidemic is still quite severe in Brazil.

“I believe health workers are working extremely hard and under pressure to be able to deal with the number of cases that they see on a daily basis.

“Certainly the rise is not as exponential as it was previously, so there are some signs that the situation is stabilising, but we’ve seen this before in other epidemics in other countries.”


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