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Coronavirus Latest: Australia reports first COVID-19 death in more than a month


The fatality took place in the country’s second-most populous state and is the country’s first death from the virus in more than a month. The state has now logged a double-digit rise in cases for the eighth day in a row. Australia has been a country which, on the whole, has managed to control its rate of reproduction, however, with border re-opening, there are now questions being raised as to how they could prevent a second wave.

Victoria state recorded around 20 cases in one night, according to Brett Sutton, Victoria Chief Health Officer.

He spoke to reporters in Melbourne and mentioned how it takes the tally to nearly 1,900 after recording 17 on Tuesday and 16 the day before.

“When we get additional cases, there will be a risk of people dying or be at risk of further cases being hospitalised and going to intensive care,” Sutton told reporters in Sydney.

“That’s why we need to get on top of the numbers.”

Thousands of people have now been seeking COVID-19 tests after this new upturn in infections.

With elevated demand, police shut one drive-by clinic 20 minutes after it opened as it quickly became overwhelmed.

Waiting times of up to four hours have been reported for testing facilities that have been able to stay open.

However, authorities are saying that anyone who wants a test will be accommodated.

There has also been some frantic panic buying as Australia’s biggest supermarket chain, Woolworth Group has started reminding Victorian residents that they don’t need to panic buy.

“We’ll continue to keep a close eye on stock levels in the coming days, and ask customers to buy only what they need,” the company said in an emailed statement.

In March, Australia’s major grocers put strict limits on purchases of toilet paper as shoppers stripped shelves in a rush of panic buying spurred by fears over a coronavirus lockdown.

Despite the spike in cases in Victoria, the neighbouring state of New South Wales (NSW) said it would not introduce a hard border closure between the states.


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