Home News Coronavirus latest: The new coronavirus rule that EVERYONE must follow

Coronavirus latest: The new coronavirus rule that EVERYONE must follow


More than 3,000 extra staff have been called upon including police officers to ensure passengers follow the rules to prevent any further spread of the virus.

Customers will be refused on board or fined £100 if they fail to comply with new regulations.

It is thought that the implementation of such procedures would be the last resort.

The rule does not apply to passengers with certain health conditions, disabled people and children under the 11.

Regulations will apply to anyone travelling by bus, coach, train, tram, Tube, ferry or plane to cover their face while on board.

It is expected in the next week, hundreds of thousands of free coverings will be available at railway stations to accommodate passengers without one.

However, the Government are advising the public to be creative with their face protection and suggest masks can be homemade, such as a scarf or bandana.

The implementation of these new rules is the start of the next stage in easing the lockdown, alongside the return to classes for a portion of secondary school pupils.

As well as the reopening of non-essential shops.

This comes after the UK Government issued new advice on face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus earlier this month.

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Scientists in Singapore believe the virus is particularly threatening in the 24-48 hours before an infected person realises they might have the disease.

Transport Minister, Grant Shapps suggested the face covering should be the new essential item like the other people hold dear.

Shapps told viewers at the Daily Downing Street briefing last Friday: “Remembering your face covering should be the same as picking up your phone, your wallet or your purse whenever you are leaving the house.”

He added: “A face covering does not mean a surgical mask.

“Face coverings can be made at home and you can find guidance to do so on gov.uk.

“As we move to recovery it is more important than ever to protect each other, preventing those showing no symptoms from affecting others.”


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